De Los Santos Medical Center 201 E. Rodriguez Sr. Boulevard, Quezon City
Arthritis Center: (02) 877-38-88


"Sama-Sama Laban sa Rayuma" is a support group for patients suffering from Arthriits. Activities are aimed at increasing awareness of the various types of arthritis and how to manage them. 

Nurses from the Arthritis Center. The event was held at the Presidential Lounge of the De Los Santos Medical Center. Admission was free.

Dra. Gloria Arroyo-Coronel and Dr. Jose Fernando Syquia were the invited speakers for this session.

Some of the members of the support group.

Dr. Syquia, head of the Arthritis Center, spoke on osteoarthritis and joint replacement surgery.

During the intermission, participants danced under the direction of our physical therapists.

Dra. Coronel, head of the Rehabilitation and Sports Center, spoke on the rehabilitation of patients with osteoarthritis.

Participants were encouraged to ask questions and share their experiences.

A patient from the Arthritis Center shares her experience after undergoing a total hip replacement.

Lunch was served after the event.

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